Chemistry transforms new supplies of natural gas from shale into a stronger economy and new jobs.

Chemistry enables a more sustainable future through energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

Chemistry draws on alternative energy sources like energy recovery to enhance our national energy security.

Strong. Secure. Sustainable.

America needs a comprehensive domestic energy strategy that encourages the development of natural gas from shale while promoting energy efficiency and the development of alternative sources such as energy recovery and renewable energy. Through chemistry, we are creating energy solutions that will enable a strong, secure and sustainable future.

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A comprehensive domestic energy strategy must maximize the national benefits of natural gas from shale while implementing balanced regulatory policies that protect our environment.
We need strong policies and creative, economically sound approaches to encourage greater energy efficiency and renewable energy in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.
Energy recovery from non-recycled materials like plastics expands the diversity of our nation’s energy supply, complements ongoing recycling efforts, and should be a growing part of America’s energy strategy

U.S. Chemical Investment Linked to Shale Gas Reaches $164 Billion

Shale $164 BillionPotential U.S. chemical industry investment linked to plentiful and affordable natural gas has topped $164 billion. 264 projects and $164 billion in potential capital investment announced as of April 2016; 40% completed or underway, 55% in planning phase; 61% is by firms based outside the U.S.
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