Congratulations Meredith Streppa!

#Chemistry2Energy Weekly Winners

Over the past eight weeks we asked people to show us how they maximize energy efficiency in their daily lives by submitting pictures via Twitter and Instagram, including a description and the #Chemistry2Energy hashtag. We had some great submissions, and eight weekly winners were picked to receive a $50 gift card.

We asked you to weigh in on who should win by sharing your picks across Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The votes are in, and we will be announcing the final winner today. Check back later to find out which #Chemistry2Energy winner will receive $1,419!

Wind Power: Efficient Energy to power America in the 21st Century and beyond. #Chemistry2Energy

#Chemistry2Energy - Lighter weight and stonger plastics make football players faster, more energy efficient and safer

Today's DIY proyecto: Reusing old batteries. Just doing my part. You're welcome. #EnergyEfficiency #Chemistry2Energy

#Chemistry2Energy my bike is energy efficient

@AmChemistry I bought a solar powered house. Here's a picture of the Solar converter box. My avg bill: $70 p/m #Chemistry2Energy

Energy efficient at work and home! @AmChemistry #chemistry2energy

Switched out my light bulbs to CFL bulbs, 28% more efficient then standard bulbs! #Chemistry2Energy

We replaced cardboard in attic with spray foam to air seal & insulate. Saved on energy bills 22%! #Chemistry2Energy

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